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Fantastic Reviews for Mr. Darcy's Magic Book 2

Well, three more days until Threads of Magic is released. The reviews are coming in, and so far there have been fantastic reactions. Here are some of the things people are saying:

"a great new magical Regency fantasy series starring some of the best characters from literature." -- Laura Gerold, Laura's Reviews

"This whole story was a powder keg...I felt gripped in the emotion of it all" -- Sophia Rose, Books of My Heart

"I started it early as I knew I’d be up half the night if I didn’t. I was right" -- J.W.Garrett, Goodreads

“Threads of Magic” grabbed my attention from the opening chapter and held me to the end." -- wosedwew, Goodreads

"I was completely enthralled again in this magical world. The level of urgency is palpable." -- Carole in Canada, Goodreads


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