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Coming September 28!!!

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As long as she lived, Elizabeth would never forget the look on Darcy’s face when he saw her coming towards him.


Elizabeth and Darcy are finally settling down at the Netherfield Royal Mages Academy when a mysterious flare of magic sends them scampering to discover what is happening. But they are soon left with more questions than answers.

Why has Elizabeth’s sister Lydia gone missing? Who is the mysterious gentleman they encountered at an inn? And more importantly, why have they been summoned to London to attend to the Prince Regent himself?

As Elizabeth and Darcy grapple with unsettling revelations, they find themselves caught up in a web of deception that could lead to the downfall of the Kingdom itself.

If you enjoy your Pride and Prejudice with a twist of magic and a hint of Harry Potter, you will love following Darcy and Elizabeth’s romance in this rollicking Jane Austen fantasy adventure set in the Regency world.

Traces of Magic is the third book in the Magical Mr. Darcy series. It can be read as a complete, standalone story, although it might be useful to read the earlier books.

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